About Circle of Rights

Circle of Rights, Inc. is a non-profit public charitable organization, dedicated and committed to support, educate, train, encourage and assist those individuals who wish to learn more about stroke and its devastating consequences.  Circle was started by two stroke survivors who felt it important to share knowledge and information about stroke with the public.

Mission Statement

Circle of Rights, Inc., a charitable not-for-profit corporation, is dedicated to increasing public awareness of stroke and other disabling conditions through education, training, support, assistance, and encouragement of individuals affected by disability. Individuals who are stroke survivors and disabled deserve the right to improve their quality of life, to look to a better and more rewarding future, and to be proud, have dignity and receive the respect of others. Disability awareness is vital to fully recognize society’s diversity and provide a wider range of housing, work, and transportation opportunities.

Circle of Rights, Inc. will reach out to individuals, groups and the public at-large with all its strengths, contacts, capabilities and abilities to support this vital mission, and welcomes others with similar interests to join in disseminating these messages.

Philosophical Statement

Circle of Rights, Inc. a charitable, not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Maryland will carry out the following objectives:

  1. Enhance the quality of life for all survivors of stroke and other disabling conditions
  2. Present useful, meaningful programs to stimulate discussion
  3. Identify methods and techniques that will strengthen and improve Circle’s message
  4. Communicate this message over all available media, in all languages
  5. Reach as many individuals as possible, crossing state, national and international boundaries